World Unlock Code Server specialises in remote unlocking solutions by providing direct unlock codes to remove network locks for all major network providers around the globe.

World Unlock Code Server has invested over a decade in developing remote unlocking services and has managed to develop links to several code servers across the planet in order to become the most powerful unlock provider in the industry.

World Unlock Code Server supports over 250 networks worldwide and can provide guaranteed unlock codes for Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung, Motorola, Alcatel, Treo, MDA, SPV, Qtec and many more.

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  • 625,000 codes supplied
  • 68,000 mobile phones supported
  • 250 Networks supported
  • 250 Networks supported
  • $100,000 in Research & Development
  • 16 Dedicated Unlock Severs
  • 74 resellers